Just random thoughts about fatherhood & everything else my mind creates!

Breaking the seal….

So I decided to give this blog thing another shot.  I had one started a few years back, but other more important things came around and the blog got pushed down to slot #57 or so.  My daughter was born and enjoying her early moments in life took precedent to any ramblings I might have had about bad drivers, beer, or sports.  

But as my daughter grows, I find I have some free time.  Especially if Sofia the First is on, Ailsa finds that and I’m good for a few hours.  So here I sit, throwing my hat back into the blogosphere.  Will anyone else outside of myself read these?  Probably not.  Do I care?  Definitely not.  But it’s a way to speak my mind and try and gather what goes on in this cranium of mine. 

What will my posts be about?  Who knows, most likely my daughter & fatherhood.  But I may throw in a sports post or a beer post, to show I do have at least three interests.  So like the Joker said, Here…we….go…..



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