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Living up to the image

It’s now been over a week since we received the news that our baby tested positive for Downs.  While we’re still coming to grip with it, we have turned towards a more positive outlook.  We’ve researched it more and have spoken to our doctors who have laid out what we can expect in the coming weeks.  Anatomy scans to see if & how extreme some of the physical signs of Downs are.  So all thoughts and well-wishes would greatly be appreciated in hopes that our little one won’t be too affected as they grow.  We will obviously deal with whatever comes our way, but a less stressful upbringing on the baby would be a blessing.

A big help this past week has been the outpouring of support we have received from all the family & friends we have told.  We’ve discovered a lot of personal connections others have had with Downs and how those people are living complete, loving, fulfilling lives.  While we have not gone full-blown public yet, just knowing we have so much support to begin with has helped ease a lot of our concerns.

A common phrase being repeated to us as we let people know is ‘if anyone could do it, it’s you guys’ or ‘God picked the right people to give such a special child’ or something along those lines.  And while we greatly appreciate it, I sometimes fear or worry about not living up to that image.  Let’s face, nobody’s perfect.  I think we’re doing a great job raising our oldest child Ailsa, but we still have moments of weakness where we lose our composure.  I worry that with a special needs child those instances will occur more often, even with all the support we have.  I hope/pray that God gives me the strength and willpower to deal with everything that comes our way.  I know he will but I hope to keep it all together so I can somewhat reach that image people have of us.


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