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Scan time

So it’s been awhile since I have posted. Not much news in the baby department outside of the usual doctor appointments.   Karen has said the baby has been very active, she feels her swishing all the time.  Even the doctors agree as they always have a tough time getting her to sit still in order to check things out.

This past Monday we had our 20-week anatomy scan.  Well, 19-week since they bumped us up on account of the DS test.  Had we not done the DNA test, this would have been the first time they would have checked for the ‘soft markers’ associated with DS and other symptoms.  We were happy to hear that our little one only showed one of those markers…..a bright bowel.  Everything else checked fine.  The heart, her facial features, her limbs, all checked fine.  While this is all hopeful news, the doctor cautioned us that this doesn’t necessarily mean she has or does not have DS, it’s just the markers are not showing up.  We still have to account for the positive scan result from the DNA test.

So call us cautiously optimistic.  We have an EKG in a week to get a better picture of her heart.  Hopefully the positive news continues.  🙂


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